Digital PR services


How do you get the media to notice what you are doing and how your Services help them in any way? DigiKone, the best digital PR services in Lucknow has a solution for you. Our Digital PR services will help spread awareness about your brand on the web and make your brand known to your targeted audience. Get a huge amount of traffic on your website with just a little investment.

Digital PR Services In Lucknow


We help businesses of all sizes by managing their digital reputation and driving good traffic by distributing valuable and relevant data to influence the media. The campaign yields measurable media exposure, brand building, and valuable connections.

Benefits of Digital PR


Digital PR proves beneficial for your website as

  • It brings a lot of traffic to your website
  • Improves SEO
  • Establishes you as an authority brand in your niche
  • Produces Leads and Sales
  • Increases trust and improve brand image.

How Digital PR Works

There are endless possibilities for online promotions. Going above and over offline media, digital media offers a lot of opportunities. So we grab the opportunities and make a strategy to work on digital PR. We aim to get your website the attention of your targeted audience and be the best Digital PR Agency in Lucknow
We simply follow a fundamental strategy that involves:
• Online press release
• Building relations with bloggers etc for press release coverage
• Getting your Business profiling done
• Arranging for online reviews and interviews
• Optimizing press release to have links to the website
• Working with influencers and bloggers

Benefits of Digital PR Services

Evolving from traditional PR methods of Newspapers and Magazines, Digital PR methods of Content, and social media marketing. We are storytellers, strategists, intellectuals, communicators, techies, visionaries, and pop-culture fanatics. We are the millennial marketers, the multitaskers, the antithesis of the one-trick pony. Digital PR services in Lucknow.

The resulting Digital PR technique seemed much stronger and possessed the maximum benefits when compared to adapting individual PR methods. This powerful strategy of building online brand awareness and visibility has taken leaps and bounds today.